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About Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is often necessary to relieve pain and restore function to the back. At Mercer-Bucks Orthopaedics (MBO), with offices in Hamilton, Lawrenceville, and Princeton, New Jersey, and Langhorne, Pennsylvania, the board-certified orthopaedic specialists use their expert skill and training to correct the underlying abnormality using the least invasive approach possible. Call MBO or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

Spine Surgery Q & A

What is spine surgery?

The spine is the bony structure that stabilizes and supports your back. It contains 33 vertebrae and multiple discs, nerves, muscles, and tendons. Any damage or injury to the spine can cause chronic pain, poor flexibility, and limited mobility. While nonsurgical methods can help relieve back pain, spine surgery is sometimes necessary to provide lasting relief.

Why would I need spine surgery?

The spine includes three main parts: the cervical spine (neck), the thoracic spine (mid-back), and the lumbar spine (lower back). Any part of the spine can sustain damage, but the lower back is most likely to experience injury.


The orthopaedic specialists at Mercer Bucks Orthopaedics (MBO) may recommend spine surgery to treat:

Herniated disc

The discs in your spine sit in between each vertebra to provide cushion and mild flexibility. Each disc has a hard outer shell and soft center. Over time, cracks can develop in the protective casing, causing the soft center to push through and irritate surrounding nerves.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal canal gradually narrows, compressing the nerves or spinal cord. If nonsurgical techniques aren’t enough to relieve pain and pressure in your back, spine surgery can decompress the nerves to promote healing.


Spondylolysis is a stress fracture in the pars interarticularis, which connects the facet joints in the spine.


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that causes the cartilage surrounding your joints to break down. Over time, small bony growths can develop on the affected joints, causing pain and stiffness.

What are the different types of spine surgery?

The orthopaedic specialists at MBO perform multiple types of spine surgery, including:

Herniated disc surgery

Depending on the location of your herniated disc and severity of its degeneration, your surgeon may remove the disc altogether and fuse the vertebrae.

Lumbar discectomy

A lumbar discectomy is a type of spine surgery to remove a damaged or herniated disc in the lumbar spine.

Lumbar decompression surgery

To treat spinal stenosis and relieve compression, your surgeon may remove a portion of the lamina that presses against the spine.

Cervical Spine surgery

Cervical spine surgery is a type of surgery performed to treat neck pain from nerve pinching or spinal instability. 

To learn more about spine surgery, call the highly trained orthopaedic specialists at Mercer-Bucks Orthopaedics or schedule an appointment online today.